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A bee-keeper initiates fight

against the society of consumption

for saving the bees.
N, the director of a honey bottling factory produces fake honey. One day, after an accident caused by a bee, he is tasting real honey and his entire life changes radically. He leaves his factory, settles down in a walley and starts working with bees in the real way.
His bees get chased away and killed  – as it turns out -, by the harmful effects of a nearby mobile phone tower. He falls in love with L, the daughter of the director of a mobile phone company. Their legal fight to save the bees is unsuccessful. Ns last bee dies. N leaves his farm and L leaves her father and joins N.
They start attacking everything that might endanger the bees: GM crops, factories, highways and they also hack the media. They soon become known and wanted by the police, their actions grow more overt and radical. They take hostage economical leaders, including Ls father, and exchange them to their counterpart. This way they stop electricity, gas, petrol, mobile phones and internet. They execute on hook meat workers, murder bankers, shopping mall customers and the director of a film shot about them, entitled Zero. Their gerilla group is destructed by a NATO invasion. The fight grows to a nation-wide revolution. The new regime is fund by Ls father and L. The nation is happy to get back electricity, the betrayed N escapes to Africa.
In Africa N learns about a remote paradise of the bees from a storyteller, he embarks on a new search. On the verge of starvation he walks into the desert, towards a new land, when...

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director: Gyula Nemes

writer: Tamás Beregi, Gyula Nemes

DOP: Balázs Dobóczi

music: Albert Márkos, Kopir Rozsywal Bestar, Antonio Vivaldi,

Dicko Boubacar, Dicko Issiaka

sound: Tamás Zányi

editor: Péter Politzer

co-producers: Iván Angelusz (Hungary), Jiří Konečný

(Czech Republic), Eike Goreczka (Germany)

producer: Gyula Nemes


Hungarian – Czech – German feature film

83 min., 35mm, col./bw, 1:2,35 Cinemascope, Dolby Digital

language: Hungarian, Fulani

prints: 35mm (English subs), DCP (Czech, English, German subs)

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Playtime is an independent film production company founded in 2008.

The CEO and producer is Gyula Nemes.

Zero,  Feature, directed by Gyula Nemes   
The Gentleman Takes His Leave, Short, directed by Laszlo Nemes   
Eroica, Short, directed by Peter Politzer   
Negative History of Hungarian Cinema, Documentary, directed by Gyula Nemes   
Space is a Game, Documentary, directed by Petra Pelsőczy   


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Gyula Nemes director

Gyula Nemes has been born in Hungary. Graduated at FAMU, Prague in the class of Věra Chytilová and Karel Vachek, where he obtained PhD title. He has been shooting worldwide, in Africa, Asia and South America. He is also a producer of his own projects in his companies, Absolut Film Studio and Playtime.



2015: Zero 35mm, feature, 83 min., Hungary – Czech Republic - Germany

2010: Negative History of Hungarian Cinema 16mm+DV, documentary, 47 min.

2008: Lost World 35mm, documentary, 20 min., Hungary - Finland

Karlovy Vary - Best Documentary, Hamburg Shortfilmfest – Main Prize,

Ann Arbor – Best International Film

2007: Fugue 35mm, experimental, 6 min., Hungary – Slovakia

2006: My One and Onlies 35mm, feature, 76 min.

in competition in Venice (Chritics’ Week)

2004: The Dike of Transience 35mm, documentary, 13 min., Hungary – Czech Republic

in competition in Karlovy Vary screened at IFF Rotterdam, New York Lincoln Center

2001: Parrot 16mm, short fiction, 24 min.



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Krisztián Kovács

His full name is Krisztián Sándor Kovács. Born in 1978 in Hungary. He is living in Budapest. Graduated at Actor Department of Theatre and Film Academy in Budapest, 2005. Member of Audience Art Company. He is playing both in stone theaters and independent companies. His first film role was in North, North (1999) by Csaba Bollók. His first leading role was in My One and Onlies (2006) by Gyula Nemes.

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Martina Krátká

Born in 1984 in Vyškov, Moravia, Czech Republic. She started her career in the child studio of theatre Goose on a string. She studied clownery, film actorship and theatricals at JAMU, Prague. She writes her PhD thesis on her leading professor, Ctibor Turba. From 2011 she is a member of theatre Švanda in Prague. She directed there a play Cry Baby Cry. She is teaching at JAMU and theatre Švanda, where she founded an actor training school. Her first role in a film was in Shameless by Jan Hřebejk. Zero is her first leading role.

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Udo Kier

Udo Kier was born 1944 in Cologne, Germany, during World War II in a hospital attacked by bombs. His first hit film was Mark of the Devil (1970). The film was rated V for violence and ticket buyers were offered vomit bags before the film started. Kier met director Paul Morissey on his first an airplane trip to US, where Morrissey offered him the lead role in the 3-D Flesh for Frankenstein (1973), which made Udo a cult figure. In the 1970s he lived together with Fassbinder and he played in his several films (The Third Generation, Lili Marleen). His fame in Hungary made the main role in Psyché by Gábor Bódy. In the 1990s he had a lot more visibility in America and his breakthrough role was as Hans in My Own Private in Idaho (1991), where the soundtrack includes the song that Udo performs in the film. His other hits are Ace Ventura (1994), Blade (1998), Armageddon (1998) and Iron Sky (2013). He continues to work often with Lars von Trier (Epidemic, 1987, Breaking The Waves, 1996, Nyphomaniac, 2014) and is the godfather his child. Currently Udo lives in California. He got Special Teddy Award for his life achievement at Berlinale 2015.

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Tóth Orsi, Declan OCalaghan, Declan Hannigan, Fokasz Nikosz, Nemes Jeles László, Oláh Lehel, Szirtes András, Fodor János, Lénárt István, Vincze Mátyás, Szunyogh Szabolcs, Pörös Géza, Füle Zoltán, Lavro Ferenc, Angelus Iván, Szilágyi Kornél, Hevesi Nándor, Butala István, Bula Béláné, Hirsch Tibor, Sándor Tibor, Pablo Lerner, Ralph Berkin, Wilhelm Droste, Maiga Mohamed, Dicko Jibrilla

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Karlovy Vary Film Festival

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